• GRiP it!®

    Successfully manages over 12 billion dollars in television promotional time. Why is it not managing yours?

  • GRiP it!® Secondary Events

    Automate & Optimize all your secondary events using GRiP it!® Enhancing the overall viewer experience.

  • GRiP it!® Can Successfully

    Manage all your FCC compliance issues with childrens' programming just like we do for …

  • Cut Sheets!

    Automate your creative commissioning process with Cut Sheets and rid yourselves of the creative "traffic jam".


Effective Media Services (EMS) is the creator of GRiP it!® the On-Air Promotions Optimization software system. This system is currently utilized by over 250 channels in 37 countries, processing in excess of $10 billion in Promotion inventory.

Founded in 1990, Effective Media Services is a highly specialized media planning and placement company which believes successful campaigns are based on science, not on hunches or gut-feeling. We use proprietary software and cutting edge technology to take the guess work out of the media process.

EMS has gathered an impressive client list whom have recognized the benefits technology can bring to both the bottom line and ratings performance. Our experiences in utilizing technology and best practices in the Broadcast industry have allowed us to provide to our clients strategic consulting services as well as day-to-day operational best practices; in both On-Air Promotion as well as other areas of Broadcasting.

To better understand what On-Air Promotion is, here's a run-through of the basics.

For more information on the proper use of On-Air content to reach audiences, we encourage the viewing of Professor Hyun Hahm's study on communication via promotion.

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